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Individual work


technology doesn't always have to make us 'better'


The device is designed to raise its arms in response to sound, regardless of the individual's intentions.


It was created to raise questions about the expectations of technology prevalent in today's AI-dominated world and, conversely, to celebrate human imperfection through cooperation with machines.

Collaboration work

Lost in translation- Idiorevolt

5 love languages sang by 7 languages

With a diverse background of 8 band members from around the world, Idiolevolt focus on language and communication.


In our debut song, 'Lost in Translation,' we explore the theme of (dis)connection through love languages, expressed in 7 different languages(Dutch, French, Japanese, Russian, Greek, German, Italian)

Roles: concept developing, video production, post productin


Individual work

Unlocked bike

Indifference is the greatest crime

When my bicycle was stolen, the common reaction was 'Welcome to the NL,' since it's such a prevalent crime in the Netherlands. This normalization gave me a shock

I left a bicycle unlocked with a message that appealed to the conscience of the thief

This was broadcast live at the cite to engage those who might typically overlook this crime

Collaboration work

True Golden record

Our project is a reimagination of the Golden Record, the artifact launched by NASA to encapsulate humanity's essence.


We created a hoax video  launching  'true' Golden Record, unbeknownst to NASA, and shared it within Facebook conspiracy theory communities.

Do we need such effort just to face the truth?
hoax video(00:45)
homepage of TrueTube
homepage of TrueTube

This led viewers to our website, 'True Tube.' Unlike the original Golden Record, which primarily showcases humanity's highlights, our version embraces the full spectrum of human existence, including its darker facets.

Roles: concept developing, web design, video production

Truth video
Truth video

Collaboration work

Wanted posters

image as impression, images as appearance 

Our focus was on the inherent vagueness of wanted criminal photographs, which capture appearances but often fail to convey the full story. By transforming these images into text format, editing them, and then returning them to visual form, we created entirely new narratives based on the impressions of the processed images, further blurring the line between fact and fiction.

Roles: concept development, graphic design, story writing

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